About Us

We are here to serve you! Marian and Dr. Randy have over 50 years combined experience in health and wellness including clincal settings and wellness destination programs in the USA and Canada.

Who We Are


Located within the historic, picturesque village of Port Elgin, New Brunswick, on the Northumberland Strait near Fort Gaspereau National Historic Site, sits Terra Bella by the Shore. It’s the perfect port as a starting point for exploring breathtaking scenery throughout the Maritimes.

Situated next to a tidal river minutes from the sea sitting on over an acre of treed land next to the Gaspereau River, the friendly staff of Naturally Well by the Shore is ready to welcome you with open arms. Centered around the concept of holistic living, guests not only experience the benefits of optimum health and weight loss, but also the virtues of a peaceful mind and a positive attitude.

Discover one of the few destination health resort programs in Canada and the only one on the east coast! Visit us and experience nature as the sun breaches the horizon and warms the soul.

Why Choose Us

Our cuisine is an exquisite experience in a culinary adventure you won’t forget. Organic and local when available, our food is natural without preservatives and chemicals. We do not use GMO foods, gluten, white sugar and flour, soy, corn, dairy or red meat. Three times a week we serve an optional organic chicken or wild caught fish meal. Our gourmet meal recipes are created and crafted by Marian Tobin Hardy, who has a passion for farm-to-table organic foods.

Daily body movement classes are part of your all-inclusive package at Naturally Well by the Shore. Weekday health and wellness lectures will help guide you to create an individualized health program you can start on your own when you arrive home. Reducing chronic inflammation (localized or systemic) is a main part of our educational program – when it is out of control in your body it can lead to arthritis, intestinal problems and many other diseases including cancer.

Every guest will receive the attention and care they deserve and need. Some guests may want to just come and relax and do their own thing which is fine with us too – it’s your retreat.

What we do

We bring many years of tried, tested and proven experience to our proprietary detox, mindfulness, healing and weight loss wellness retreat designed to meet anyone where they’re at.

Whether you’re healing from an illness, highly active, a first-time cleanser or a seasoned vet, we personalize your program to ensure you have the most optimal and beneficial experience possible.

We do what we love

Primarily an educational and experiential retreat, we aim to create an environment which will enable, bestow, empower and advocate a healthy lifestyle which will enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

We offer to teach you not about the human body, but your human body – how to care for it, understand it, energize it, feel, nurture and feed it.

We offer all this in a comfortable, private and safe environment designed to nourish & with like-minded people willing to share the experience.

The demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle to the brink of health consequences and we consider fixing them with a quick remedy such as a prescribed or over-the-counter drug. This is not a curative approach, but instead trying to manage symptoms.

When you create space in your schedule to join with us in your chosen program, you will see the value in restorative wellness using a more natural approach to optimizing your health.

A Natural and Holistic Approach to Health

An all-inclusive Atlantic East Coast Wellness Retreat nestled amidst miles of forestalong a river, and yet only forty-five minutes to Monton Airport and minutes to the ocean, our wellness retreat and spa is set away from the stresses of the modern world.

This location serves as a restful backdrop for the Naturally Well holistic approach to wellness.

We have 4 main all-inclusive programs for you to choose from.

Regardless of the retreat you chose, everyday follows our philosohy that your mind and body must heal with a combination of balanced nutrition, rest, bodywork/spa services and some form of body movement. This re-synching with nature will recalibrate your body, mind and spirit thus optimizing your natural healing mechanisms.

Our Team
Wellness Professionals With Over 50 Years Combined Experience
Dr. Randy Hardy

Dr. Randy Hardy

Program Director

Jessica Blacklock, RMT

Jessica Blacklock, RMT

Massage Therapist

Marian Tobin

Marian Tobin

Program Director

Cirra Lecour

Cirra Lecour

Reflexologist / Program Facilitator

Our History

Passionate about wellness…

Dr. Randy Hardy

Dr. Randall Hardy, n.d. has been associated with the wellness destination resort business since 1996 when he was the program and health director of Fit For Life / Spa Atlantis in Pompano Beach, Florida. He has also worked with the Regency Health Resort and Spa in various capacities for over 10 years. Dr. Randy was also recently a Program Director at Naturally Well by the Sea, Florida.

Dr. Randy’s previous career in chiropractic/naturopathy (drugless therapy Ontario) gives him years of experience in the natural health and wellness field. He is currently certified by as a Naturopathic Consultant by the A.P.N.N. (Alliance of Professional Naturopaths and Naturotherapists, Quebec). He can write receipts for most major insurance companies (including Blue Cross). Please check with your provider.

He also holds certifications in NLP and medical hypnotherapy. Dr. Randy also is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (USA).

Marian Tobin

Marian Tobin-Hardy, n.d. served in various capacities at Fit For Life / Spa Atlantis wellness Resort and the Regency Health Resort and Spa. More recently, Marian was also a Program Director at Naturally Well by the Sea, Florida.

In her many roles in the spa industry, she has served as massage therapist, spa educator, nutritionist, menu planner and guest coordinator.

Marian has also taught gourmet cooking and ‘The Art of TLC’ classes. Marian has a new nutrition / recipe book coming out in the spring of 2019.

She is a Florida licensed massage therapist with specialties in reflexology, hot stone and lymphatic drainage.

Marian is also a member of the A.P.N.N. and received her Naturopathic Consultant certification allowing her to write insurance receipts.

Cirra Lecour

Cirra is a person extraordinaire with many skills to help run Terra Bella. Passionate about wellness, she works with aromatherapy, reflexology and natural remedies, having studied for many years.

Cirra decided to enter the wellness field because she loves helping people. At the end of the day she find’s such a fulfillment knowing she has made a difference in helping her clients feel better. She is always attending seminars and workshops to help attune herself to better understand her clients needs. Cirra strongly believes in good nutrition, community and mental health enhancement to live a happy, healthy life.

Jessica Blacklock

Jessica specializes in a number of treatment modalities including relaxation/Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point release, hot stones and lymphatic drainage massage.

Jessica’s mission is to provide therapeutic and relaxation massage in a calm, clean and caring environment in order to create a space where the body can relax and heal. She will collect your health history and important information regarding your overall health by doing an initial assessment as well as ongoing feedback during the treatment.

The techniques that she offers range from Swedish and relaxation techniques, postural/gait assessment, trigger point release, deep tissue techniques, fascial release, basic lymphatic drainage techniques, joint mobilization and neuromuscular therapy.

Whether you are suffering from back and body pain, recovering from a new or ongoing injury or condition, or you just want time to escape the stresses of everyday life with a relaxation massage, Jessica is here to help.



“Look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better. She never hurries but accomplishes everything.”

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